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Silicone Oil And Softener

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  1. Silicone Thickener

    Increase the viscosity of organic silicone emulsion,and make hand feeling become thicker.
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  2. Amino Silicone Oil 90%

    Is a kind of amino silicone oil which is synthesized by new synthesis technology with special modifier.
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  3. Block Silicone Oil 90%

    Is a kind of multiple copolymerized silicone oil which is synthesized by new synthesis technology with special modifier.Confers the fabric with soft ,silky,fluffy hand feelings with batter hydrophilic.
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  4. Amino Silicone Crude Oil Ht-380

    Amino silicone crude oil synthesized by new synthesis technology and special modifier.Mainly used for cotton and its blended fabric,confers excellent soft,silky and fluffy hand feeling to fabric.
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  5. Hydrophilic Silicone Softener Ht-220h

    A quaternary modified softening agent with terpolymer structure and excellent hydrophilicity.HT-220 is very stable in acid and mild alkali condition at normal temperature while it also has excellent stability at 100degree below pH 8,which is suitable for dyeing machine and setting machine .Confers soft, silky and bulky hand feels to fabrics, as well as hydrophilicity while absorbency is 2 – 3 seconds.
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  6. Hydrophilic Silicone Oil Ht-331

    Hydrophilic silicone crude oil is a high-grade soft finishing agent modified by quaternary ammonium salt synthesized by a new synthetic technology. Hydrophilic silicone crude oil gives fabric a softer, smoother and fluffy hand feeling, and has better hydrophilic properties and stability .
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  7. Hydrophilic Silicone Oil P331

    Block hydrophilic crude oil is a kind of polycopolymerized silicone oil synthesized by a new synthetic technology and a special modifier.It makes the fabric a more soft,smooth and full hand feeling with excellent hydrophilic.
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  8. Fluffy And Soft Silicone Oil Ht-6043e

    Suitable for hand feeling finishing of cotton woven, linen woven, rayon and denim. After finishing, the fabric has fluffy, smooth and soft.
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