Pretreatment auxiliary for woven and yarn

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  1. Scouring Wetting Agent Ht-6006a

    Suitable for scouring bleaching and oil removing of various fabrics for pretreatment. Effectively removed grease , wax , oil, and can have the perfect processing effect.
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  2. High Efficiency Soaping Agent Ht-gt

    Suitable for soaping of cellulose fiber and its blended fabric, which makes the fabric with good soaping fastness and whitening fastness, high efficiency, time saving, water saving, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.
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  3. Soaping Agent Ht-hx

    HT-HX is mainly used for reactive dyeing of cotton fibers or soaping after printing Gives the fabric has good soaping fastness, rubbing fastness, etc., and low foam easy to wash. It is also suitable for other fiber dyeing and printing after soaping.
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  4. Multi-scouring Enzyme Ht-dt

    HT-DT is a multi-functional scouring agent, composed of oxidant, alkaline, sequestering agent, stabilizer and surfactants, suitable for scouring and bleaching process, and cold-pad-batch process of cotton, ramie, bamboo fiber and their blends.
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  5. Sequestering Powder CT

    Mixture of inorganic and organic sequestering agents.
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