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Low Temperature Scouring Agent

Low Temperature Scouring Agent
Low Temperature Scouring Agent
Product Description

Low temperature scouring agent


Main composition

Surfactant compound.


General properties

Appearance: colorless to pale liquid

Ionicity:                nonionic

pH:     3-5(1% solution)

Solubility:              easily soluble in water

Stability:               stable to acid, alkali and electrolytes



Properties and fields of application

Pretreatment at 80-90 ℃ can achieve traditional oxygen bleaching scouring effect, great energy-saving.

Suitable for cotton, polyester-cotton fabric, yarn and fiber one-time pretreatment, good effect, less weight loss and good hand feeling.

Free of AEPO any harmful chemical substances and meet the requirements of environmental protection,reduce COD/BOD.

Reduce wrinkle of the blended fabric in high temperature conditions and the tear and  bursting strength are not damaged




High concentration product can dilute 3 times.

  1. Dipping :( cotton knit, cheese)

Scouring agent:            1-2g/L

   NaOH:                  2g/L

   H2O2:                   5 g/L

   Hydrogen peroxide activator:  2-3g/L



Packing and storage

Packing:125kg/polyethylene drum

Storage:Keep it cool and dry,6 months in sealed container.

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