Dyeing Auxiliary

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  1. Co-solvent Ht-zr157

    It is water-soluble solvent which composed of selected alcohols and special surfactants of water-soluble solvent. Suitable for acid, direct and cationic dye dyeing, and printing process. It can prevent secondary condensation of printing paste and cause of dye spots.
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  2. Acid Leveling Agent Ht-hts

    Excellent levelling and migration that confer an even and bright shade to fabrics, as well as good shade fastness. Does not induce shade change.
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  3. Acrylic Leveling Agent Ht-g169

    It has a strong affinity for acrylic fiber, can strip dyes which in the dark staining area, and migrate to a shallow position, to make the color uniform.
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  4. Oba Removing Agent Ht-386

    It is used to removing fluorescent whitening agent.Uniform color stripping.
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