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  1. Anti Back Staining Agent For Denim Ht-fw

    It is a kind of environmental friendly high concentration polymer, which is mainly used in desizing, enzyme washing and other processes. It can effectively prevent the fabric from staining, as well as remove the impurities from the fabric surface, make the fabric surface clear and ensure the fabric does not lose its elasticity.
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  2. Silicone Oil For Denim Ht-6020

    Suitable for hand feeling finishing of cotton, linen, rayon and denim. After finishing, the fabric has bulkiness, smoothness and softness
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  3. Bright&smooth Silicone Oil Ht-3162g

    Suitable for denim washing and smoothing & brightening of polyester,super fine denier polyester,mercerized yarn and mercerized garments,which confers smooth,bulky,soft,bright and delicate hand feels.
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  4. Enzyme Powder Ht-m7-1

    It is a cold water neutral cellulose enzymes . With high anti re-dyeing effect, and obvious floating,as well as quick abrasion. Using without adding buffering agent. Can be used alone, also can be used with float stone.
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