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Denim fixing agent HT-WBG70

Denim fixing agent HT-WBG70
Denim fixing agent HT-WBG70
Product Description

Brief information

Used for fixing treatment of denim fabric dyed with indigo,direct and sulfur dyestuffs that obviously

improves various fabric fastness.


Main composition

Polycationic compound.


General properties

Appearance: light yellow to deep yellow transparent liquid

Ionicity: cationic

PH: 3-5

Solubility:easily soluble in water

Stability:stable to acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water


Properties and fields of application

Negligible shade fades to efficiently prevent low stripping and shade change.

Slight shade change and does not affect original shades.

Obviously improves rubbing, soaping and perspiration fastness.

Outstanding alkali resistance that makes mercerization available after fixing.

Free of formaldehyde that complies with environmental requirements.

Resistant to chlorine bleaching.

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