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Auxiliaries for Enzyme

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  1. High Concentration Desizing Enzyme HT-524

    Desizing with enzyme can achieve the best effect, not only make dyes desizing completely, but also have no damage effect on fiber. Only focus on the decomposition of starch size and has no bad influence on plant fiber. Enzyme treatment to ensure the desizing thoroughly and security, so recommend to eliminated various types of natural and modified the sizing agent.
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  2. Pectate lyase HT-540

    This product is a neutral liquid pectate lyase, which belongs to carbon oxygen lyase that acts on polysaccharides. Bio-refining by pectinase can efficiently hydrolyze pectin into water-soluble substances, which is beneficial to remove other impurities (such as wax and protein) on cotton fabrics during the bio-refining process, and at the same time enhance the wettability and water absorption of cotton fabrics.
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  3. Neutral polishing enzyme HT-539

    Can quickly and effectively remove the surface of the fabric hairiness.Enhance fabric feel and luster, reduce pilling tendency;Improve the hydrophilicity of the fabric.
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  4. Acid polishing enzyme HT-529

    It is introduction of the latest technology from United States, through liquid fermentation, a high concentration of cellulase which produced by advanced extraction equipment. Can be used directly or diluted,then use for polishing finishing of cellulose fiber fabrics or denim garment washing.
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